Make people move and move mentalities
Make people progress by making things progress
Get people closer and get away from superfluous
Move without being scared of moving own certainties
Change place by changing habits
Go from one point to an other while going straight to the point

YEEP.ME, silent evolution

I do my part

« The Project is about a new way to move and get pleasure. In the cities and suburbs, daily trips are still too often done by car with journeys durations very important even for short distance ones. This has for sure a direct impact on the well-being of people exposed to this stress source but also on the planet mostly due to polluting emissions of combustion vehicals, despite progresses made in efficiency and exhaust emission control fields.
The electrical vehicules or hybrid ones, even if the cycle from manufacturing to batteries recycling can and still shall clarify, are a good alternative, as when it is for public transportation or electrical cars, electric motor scooter ou electric scooter (small stand).

We don’t seek for revolution. We believe on each person capacity to engage for one’s convictions. We all can, upon our way, change things a little, participate to the change, make our part. This is the essence of the YEEP.ME project : believe and participate to the evolution. »

The YEEP.ME team and its early contributors
Corinne, Hessie, Anna, Larissa, Alice, Betty, Chantal, Mathieu, Louis, Georges, Ming, Fernando, Joël, Yao, Mathieu, Pascal, Julien, Christophe... 80, the mobility

With our electric scooter, we want to bring to Yeepers a solution for their daily trips.
Refering to journeys analysis and surveys, the majority of trips are from 1 to 5 km. This is why is proposing models with trange distance between 12 to 40 km to ensure complete day needs.

-You are a commuter looking for a solution to go from home to the train or metro station and then end up your journey to your working place / School, we advice you to choose a light YEEP.ME model, easy to carry for a multimodal use complementary to public transport means or your car. Take it anyware, anytime : trunk, metro, train bus... et move fast and easy with freedom.

- You want to ride directly to your work, move during the day even for longer trips, then pick up a YEEP.ME more versatile with bigger wheels, suspensions and with bigger range distance potential.

Depending on your needs and your lifestyle, there is one YEEP.ME for you., la mobilité
Concerned about also making our part for the product life cycle, we propose to users to recyle their batteries when they will be over. is member of an agency to whom we give the used batteries that we have collected in order to have them recycled and to reduce the impact for the planet.
Then, if you change your battery (swap or product end of life), you will be able to send us directly or via your reseller the battery. We will take in charge the cost and the work for destruction and recycling., the pleasure

The hoverboards, even if they can also be a way to move, are before all a leisure product.
From this fashion and popularity born few years ago, it has created big hypes. We have designed products for the most demanding and passionated users. The hoverboards bring performance and agility. With their accurate sensors, they reponse with reactivity enabling a perfect control of trajectories both for moving and tricks.

The Shop

(open soon)
Register now to benefit from launch offers! (limited to pre-launch yeepers fans) 50 Flex Arrow 50 Flex

The smart citizen
Light and comfortable
with central suspension Five Arrow Five

Agile, Solid and Fun
Exclusive Design
Multi Sensors controler for high control and agility
Double Dual suspension
Antichoc shell Nine Arrow Nine

Look and Rugged
Exclusive Design with Off Road look
Multi Sensor controler for control and reactivity
Double Dual suspension
Antichoc shell 80 Arrow 80

The versatile: Comfort and Safety
Powerful motor, 8" wheels
Front and Rear suspension
Rear drum brake
Front Light, rear brake light, horn,... 60 Arrow 60

The multimodal
Take it anywhere.
It stands and roll as a trolley 100 Arrow 100

The Power
Very powerful motor
10" wheels
Disk brake front and rear SK98 Arrow SK98

The Electric Skateboard
Longboard form factor with 98cm
2 powerful rear belt drive motors to climb up to 25° gradient
Remote control with secured link with permanent safe control
I do my part
I do my part

#idomypart is also about joining the nascent Yeepers community.

What’s about being a Yeeper ?
  • Aspiring to a better planet #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain #noplanetb
  • Not seeking revolution #peaceandloveisgood
  • Making my part, humbly, at my level #lalegendeducolibri
  • Every day or even sometimes #idomypart
  • By moving differently #silentevolution

What kind of Yeeper are U ?

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Caring about the planet is also caring about yourself.
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